Difference Between Psychology Jobs And Psychiatry Jobs

A psychologist is similar to a psychiatrist in that they treat people diagnosed with mental disorders, suffer grief and have gone through a very traumatic experience. However, despite the similarities, it is worth noting that a person applying for psychiatry jobs is looking for something very different from one in need of psychology jobs. A psychiatrist approaches treatment very differently from a psychologist. The educational and training requirements expected of a psychiatrist are very different from what a psychologist should possess. It is safe to say that job description, training and education differ between psychiatrists and psychologists. You are also not far from dream locum paediatrician jobs.

The main job of a psychologist is to study the human mind using a combination of interviews, surveys and lab tests. On the other hand, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor. The information that the psychologist gains after conducting the interviews, surveys and lab tests enable him to offer counseling services to a patient who has suffered a very traumatic experience, gone through grief or is afflicted by a mental disorder. The psychologist may use the information to provide a proper explanation regarding a specific behavior. He could also use the information to predict how the patient is likely to behave when facing specific situations.

The fact that a psychiatrist is a medical doctor means that his specialty lies in treating, diagnosing and preventing mental health disorders. Therefore, a psychiatrist is allowed by law and his training to write medical prescriptions to help in the treatment of patients he has diagnosed with mental disorders. The psychologist deals with the same patients that the psychiatristtreats. The two groups are able to treat people suffering with depression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorders to mention but a few. The two professionals can apply for locum emergency jobs, if they so desire, but will treat their patients differently.

In terms of training, a psychiatrist goes through a very complex procedure. The psychiatrist’s training is biased towards sciences, especially medical science. On the other hand, the training that a psychologist goes through begins with obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, or a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Most of the studies that the psychology undertakes are at the graduate level. However, for a psychiatrist, a bachelor’s degree in one of the sciences is mandatory. He should follow this up with MCAT before finishing his studies by obtaining a Doctor of Medicine, or M.D. Residency training awaits the psychiatrist.

It is worth noting that without the appropriate training, the student who attempted to study psychiatry would only qualify for it. Locum anaesthetics jobs or emergency registrar jobs are also widely available . The psychiatrist must be a licensed medical doctor. His licenses must be issued by the relevant states. Board certification is mandatory for all psychiatrists. Residency training provides the psychiatrist with the opportunity to apply all that he has learned in medical school, while earning a salary. Therefore, in terms of job description, training and required credentials, psychologists and psychiatrists are worlds apart.