5 Tips To Land Your Dream Job In The Supply Chain Industry

The less known logistics industry is looking to hire millions of people in the upcoming years due to the demand. Retailers and companies need the perfect supply chain system in place to guarantee delivery of products and services to their clients. Logistics companies need professional talents and with the right approach, you can easily get into the industry even if you don’t have a great experience profile. There are so many openings for freight forwarding jobs and it is your responsibility to find one that suits you.

Develop a killer resume

Needless to say, your resume is the only weapon in your hand to unlock the doors of your dream job. Expert recruiters say over and over again that developing a good resume is mandatory for anyone serious about looking for a new job. In the supply chain industry, companies look for professional talents and your resume should highlight the skills that match job requirements. It is crucial to design your resume based on the job opening you apply for so that recruiters will understand you are serious about your dream job.

Join industry associations

Make an effort and join industry associations like Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and find local chapters in your city. Take part in meetings and volunteer whenever you can. It will help you to learn the insider secrets of the industry and it is also a great way to know about new job openings.

Network with people in logistics industry

In the world obsessed with social media, networking with the right people is very important. When you keep in touch with the industry updates, you can get first hand information about vacancies and apply for the freight forwarding recruitment agencies in Sydney  and supply chain recruitment agencies even before others know about it. When you actively take part in discussions in the logistics industry, more recruiters will be interested in knowing what you have to offer.

Be clear with your career path

Logistics companies are ready to pay a six figure salary to the right candidate. To prove that you are the right person, you should show the recruiters that you are clear about your career path. Even if you are a fresh graduate, having a career path will get you noticed. You should take efforts to develop soft skills and quantitative skills necessary for your dream job.

Make follow up phone call

All recruiters will hire only interested candidates. If you simply forward your resume and forget about it, it means you are not keen about the job opening. Recruiters love candidates who follow up with a professional personal call. So, don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter about the job.