5 Tips To Land Your Dream Job In The Supply Chain Industry

The less known logistics industry is looking to hire millions of people in the upcoming years due to the demand. Retailers and companies need the perfect supply chain system in place to guarantee delivery of products and services to their clients. Logistics companies need professional talents and with the right approach, you can easily get into the industry even if you don’t have a great experience profile. There are so many openings for freight forwarding jobs and it is your responsibility to find one that suits you.

Develop a killer resume

Needless to say, your resume is the only weapon in your hand to unlock the doors of your dream job. Expert recruiters say over and over again that developing a good resume is mandatory for anyone serious about looking for a new job. In the supply chain industry, companies look for professional talents and your resume should highlight the skills that match job requirements. It is crucial to design your resume based on the job opening you apply for so that recruiters will understand you are serious about your dream job.

Join industry associations

Make an effort and join industry associations like Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and find local chapters in your city. Take part in meetings and volunteer whenever you can. It will help you to learn the insider secrets of the industry and it is also a great way to know about new job openings.

Network with people in logistics industry

In the world obsessed with social media, networking with the right people is very important. When you keep in touch with the industry updates, you can get first hand information about vacancies and apply for the freight forwarding recruitment agencies in Sydney  and supply chain recruitment agencies even before others know about it. When you actively take part in discussions in the logistics industry, more recruiters will be interested in knowing what you have to offer.

Be clear with your career path

Logistics companies are ready to pay a six figure salary to the right candidate. To prove that you are the right person, you should show the recruiters that you are clear about your career path. Even if you are a fresh graduate, having a career path will get you noticed. You should take efforts to develop soft skills and quantitative skills necessary for your dream job.

Make follow up phone call

All recruiters will hire only interested candidates. If you simply forward your resume and forget about it, it means you are not keen about the job opening. Recruiters love candidates who follow up with a professional personal call. So, don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter about the job.

Benefits OF HR Software Systems

Human resource is one of the important pillars of every business organization. There are companies which don’t believe in utilizing human resource software systems but it has a number of benefits. Here are some of the advantages listed below-

• Reduces paperwork along with fewer errors: There is a relationship between paperwork and errors. It is usually seen that, if work is done on papers you are more likely to make errors. It can be because of many reasons such as errors made during typing when you have to pass the handwritten information, handwriting deciphering, number of data entry minutes, back-log of data entries, or when the data is not standardized. But when HR software systems are used the chances of making errors is minimized. This is because with HR systems there are limited data points and one data location.• Quick processing time: Whenever the staff enters the data in this system many of the steps are reduced such as paperwork is only done when it is required, multiple systems are not needed for data entry to be saved in them, if you need to make any sort of changes you can easily make in them. With the help of this system you can reduce the turnaround of many processes such as life event changes, benefit changes, open enrollment and boarding of new employee.• Productivity: The biggest benefit which an organization can have with HR software systems is the increased productivity. This software system helps you to make most of your functions automated. Most benefitted functions are administration and payroll, which makes employees free to do rest of the work like interaction with new employees, training of new employees, making strategies for the organization’s success etc, also see this ESS system.• Compliance: there are errors which can cost you much. So for this, large , mid sized and small companies need to comply with many different federal and state laws and the most important is the managing of information of company as well as employees. But with the help of this software you can easily manage all the things according to the law.• Morale: There are things which need more attention of HR employees such as payroll and benefits which can easily be done with the help of HR software now. Hence, now the employees may pay attention on other functions easily. This results in increasing their morale which comes from the feeling that they can handle most of the work properly in an organization without making silly mistakes. And this will help them in achieving the goals of the organization easily.

3 tips for hiring executive employees

Hiring employees to fill roles in an organisation can be a stressful task. This can be harder when the task is to search for candidates to fill executive positions. It is not every day that people with the right profile to fit an executive position can be found. Most often you either find people who have the required academic background but lack the necessary experience or people who have the experience but lack the necessary academic qualification. Unlike other positions in the office that can be filled by experience, most executive positions require at least some form of academic qualification. While it may be hard, it is not totally impossible to do proper executive recruitment if you follow some of the tips below.

Advertise directly on relevant job portals

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to get anything within a few minutes. This also applies to getting respondents to a job opening. If you visit one of these online job portals, you will be appalled at the number of people who are looking for a job. as a hiring manager for a company, you could open an account with one of these job portals and advertise for jobs in your company. Don’t be surprised when within minutes of posting a job opening you receive hundreds of emails from respondents. Hit the link to find out more.

Use a Hiring Firm

Not all firms will be comfortable leaving the hiring of executive to a third party but then policies differ. Nevertheless, there are companies that will not mind going down this road. If your firm is one of such firms, getting a hiring firm to source for candidates on your behalf could be a good idea. The advantage of usinf a hiring firm is that you are allowed time to take care of other businesses needing your attention. Additionally, hiring firms have the CVs of thousands of people looking for jobs and one of these might just be the CV of the person you are looking for. Note that even if you decide to hire through a consultant firm, it may be good to be part of the interview.

Contact candidates directly

At times even before a position is empty, the company may already have in mind some people they may like to shortlist for future jobs. Sometimes these shortlisted personsmay still be in the employ of other companies. This should not deter you as you can offer better terms that may make them want to leave their present employers. In such cases, you will have to contact the said persons directly and make an offer of employment. Note that with such candidates you should be ready to pay well as you may not be the only company looking to get them into your organization.

Other ways to go about making an executive recruitment is by

Sourcing from your network of professional friends

Ask for recommendations from relevant organizations

Advertise in local and internationaljournals

Look within your organization for employees that may fit the profile.